Packing & Shifting Methods


Packing Method of Furniture Items For Shifting :


First Wrapped the Corgurated Sheet gently around the article.

After that Wrapped the Bubble Sheet also around the article tightly

In Last Forcly wrapped the Lamination all around corner and body

Internal padding of arms, legs and other protrusion with corrugate flat board for extra protection.

Outer contour packing with flat board

All joins sealed with tape.


Packing Methold of Crockery and Glass ware Items


Wrapped in bubble pack and tape.

Rolled one layer of wrapping paper and tapped on all edges.

Wrapped in corrugated roll and sealed with tape.

Depending on size of the item placed in medium carton.

Medium carton padded with layers of wrapping paper for shock obsorption and additional protection.


Packing Methold of Kitchen utensils


Wrapped in wrapped paper and taped

Placed in large carton

Carton padded with layer of warpping paper for shock obsorption and additional protection.


Packing Methold of Electronic Items


Wrapped in wrapping paper and taped.

Depending on size of item placed. medium carton.

Medium carton padded with layer of warpping paper for shock absorption and additional protection

Carton sealed on all side with tape.


Packing Methods of Clothes and Linen


Flat wardrobe carton lined internally with wrapping paper.

Naphthalene balls placed throughout clothing.

What we can do for you? 


Quality Packing of Goods

Uses of good packing materials

Packing with professionally trained workers

Utmost Care while packing

Loading and Unloading of goods

Safe and Secure Moving or Transportation of Goods

Prompt punctual delivery of goods

Careful unpacking rearranging at new destination

Competitive price to give you economical relocation experience

In general, Quality Packers and Movers Services

Our Packing Material Details


Little box - These are typically 17x12x12 in size. These are extraordinary boxes for pressing overwhelming things, for example, books and records or for little things like albums and dvds.

Medium box - These are normally 18x18x16 in size. These are the most flexible size boxes you can purchase as a result of the capacity to pack the lion's share of your products in it. It is likewise a size that the vast majority can see over and convey agreeably.

Huge box - These are normally 18x18x24 in size. These cases can be utilized for bigger, cumbersome things, for example, covers, cushions, hardware, speakers, and so on.

Closet box - These cases will be around 24x21x46 in size. They are utilized for moving garments straight from clothes rods in the storage room onto the bar within the container. A few stores offer the bar independently so make a point to buy it in case you're going to be utilizing the crate for hanging your garments in it.

Dish Barrel box - These are normally 18x18x28 in size. These cases are planned with twofold divider insurance for your weak things, for example, china or obsolescents. There is a cell unit that is generally sold independently that you will need to buy that embeds into the crate. It will separate your things and give disengagement and security to them and adding quality to the crate to forestall pulverizing.

Pressing Material

Pressing paper - This will be sold by the pound. Continuously get more than you might suspect you'll require. Use it to include additional padding in boxes and for separately wrapping brittle things.

Air pocket wrap - This will be accessible in different width and length blends. Once more, make a point to get more than you might suspect you'll require. You'll have more to wrap than you acknowledge and it will run out speedier than you might suspect. Air pocket wrap ought to be wrapped around delicate things, for example, stemware, models, sketches, and so on.

Psychologist wrap - This will be accessible in different width and length mixes. Use it to wrap around bigger things to keep drawers close or to ensure anything that is not in a container from getting earth or scratches on it, (for example, couches or rockers).

Box Tape - This is accessible by the yard in different widths. Use it for fixing boxes on top and base.

Markers - Use these to check your containers on the outside. Keep in mind to dependably check boxes with breakables with the expression FRAGILE on the outside.

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